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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Chasing Eliot Ness by Michelle Regan

Chasing Eliot Ness is a romantic thriller set in Chicago in the 1930s. The book pulls the reader through the beginning of the Depression and ends just before the start of World War II, following the characters as they each struggle with external forces and internal conflicts that will have the reader wondering just who the 'good' guys really are. And why does Grace feel she has to protect herself against 'the man who got Al Capone'?

Michelle Regan weaves fiction around real facts around Chicago from the late 1920s to the 30s. It describes the Great Depression along with Al Capone lurking somewhere in the background giving it a real feel of that particular era.

It had received exellent reviews so far. Gangsters and romance. All in all, a really fun book.

If there's one book you want to read, let it be this one.

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