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Friday, 23 October 2009

Query/cover letter

Here's my cover letter for A Proper Charlie. I'm told it must be a page long, no longer, must reveal a little about me, mention the book (not too much, that's what a synopsis is for!) and tell of past triumphants if any - mine's a few short stories in women's magazines and Eden my first novel.

Mr Lovely Agent
1 Will Represent You Road

Dear Mr Lovely Agent

I enclose the synopsis and sample three chapters of my 80,000 word chicklit novel, A PROPER CHARLIE as requested in your new submission guidelines.

A PROPER CHARLIE is a contemporary romantic comedy aimed at the modern woman. Charlie is an office clerk. She’s a modern, social butterfly, and Ben is a serious, social dodger. Both are attracted to one another and both think the other is too good for them. They also have secrets.

I believe this novel will be enjoyed by twenty and thirtysomethings in particular. I see it as a novel for the Bridget Jones/Love Actually market.

I have worked very hard to make this novel as ready as possible for publication but I am also very used to welcoming editorial guidance. I am ambitious to become a successful author and am prepared to work as hard as necessary to achieve that.

I have EDEN published with YouWriteOn.com (POD), and run my own successful writing group for aspiring writers.

I know how busy you must be with existing clients but you will understand that I want to approach other agents fairly soon; therefore, I will submit A Proper Charlie to other agents or publishers in three weeks.

I very much hope that you will like what you read and that you will want to see the rest of A PROPER CHARLIE.

Yours Faithfully,

Louise Wise.

So whadda think? I've researched the "perfect cover letter" and have taken advice from many writers including Nicola Morgan and her BRILLIANT blog (try the link, why don't you?).

There is lots of advice out there, and I've come to the conclusion that there isn't one particular right way! A few wrong ways maybe, but definitely no right ways. It's a matter of telling the agent/publisher what you're offering in a business like manner.

How hard can that be?

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