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Saturday, 4 July 2009


We all love competitions, don't we? It's just nice to receive something for nothing. But is it something for nothing?

Nah, it's all to do with the advertising; and I'm the same. I'm giving away a signed copy of my first book - EDEN because I'm in need of raising my profile as a writer. As a shy individual this's come as a bit of an eye-opener! I'm finding myself in bookshops shamelessly flogging my wares, dropping my blog address all over the place, and telling anyone who'll listen that I'VE WRITTEN A BOOK.

Eden's a love story. It may be set in space and have a slight sci-fi kick to it, but it's a romance all the same. An adult Beauty and the Beast only the beauty is an astronaut and the beast is an alien.

Jenny, the heroine, is left on an unknown planet after the crew accidentally leave her behind. She's a modern woman from 2236 and is reduced to living the life of her prehistoric ancestors. She has to survive the harsh conditions on this cold planet; forage for food and hide from predatory animals. When the alien saves her life, she feels he isn't as evil as she first believes and sets out to tame him.

The competition is open to anyone.

To enter all I'm asking is that you put a link to this blog onto your website or blog.  Let me know you've done it, and I'll send you a signed copy of Eden.

I've only FOUR copies, so better be quick.


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  2. so how does the competition work? I read your blog but I didn't notice how it works. Or did I miss it? I am very god at missing things like that. haha

  3. Hi Steph. Email me how many words I'll critique a novel for for free (answers a few articles down), and you win a signed copy of Eden - louisewise3@ntlworld.com

  4. Hi :)
    Thank you for sharing. I found this via Twitter after you Followed me (I have Followed you back).
    Congratulations on EDEN! It sounds very intriguing.
    You said a free critique of less than 2000 words.
    Love From Canada

  5. Found you on twitter - email on its way x

  6. RK Charron, email me your address and I'll send you a copy of Eden.

  7. Hi Louise
    Just to say thanks very much for a sending me a copy of your book. I'll read and review on the sites you mentioned.
    Maggie Lloyd

  8. Thanks Maggie, I'd really appreciate that.

  9. You're willing to read 2000 words that people send you. Too late?! The Eden premise sounds a bit mad, but that's never deterred a good reader.

  10. Great blog, interesting reading here. Incredibly admireable that you (an artist aspiring to establish herself offering to give feedback/assistance to others in similar states. If only more artists 'gave back' like you. especially those who have achieved the status and influence to uncover some of the undiscovered jewels that are out here. i love your spirit ! and my 'Mini-Novelette" on posted on my blogsite. i have been writing as i go, letting each chapter write itself based on feedback from readers... check it out if you can