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Social media (the good and the bad).
How I became an author.
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Ten steps to characterise (or other writing help tips).
Indie or traditional?
How to make your characters/scenes/plot believable.
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Tips for becoming a better writer.
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Books I love and why they inspired me to become a writer/write XXX.
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  1. Hi Louise - How fabulous! I have looked at the great list of indie books you are compiling already on Pinterest. Coincidentally, I was just daydreaming while reading that new book "Imagine" (which is highly recommended for creative insights) and thought -- you know, I should make up a whole library of cool books on Pinterest (Patrice's Pinteresting Book Boards was the idea). And here you've done it. Brilliant!

    Please include my political thriller RUNNING in your new library. Here is the Amazon Kindle link: http://amzn.to/RUNNINGnovel

    A great read about two women running for the U.S. presidency, featuring lots of action, suspense, romance, and laughs. And a little bit of sex.

    Please let me know if you need anything else, and thanks in advance for including me!

    I also publish two other indie authors in my small start-up electronic publishing venture. May I send you their links as well?

  2. Thank you. Running has been added. And do send more.

    If you haven't already, please follow my blog.

  3. Hi Louise,

    I would love it if you could include my new release DRAGON DANCER to your Pinterest library.

    Here's the link:


    Thanks so much.


  4. Operation Neurosurgeon: You never know...who's in the OR


    Children's Books:

    The Chester the Chesapeake Trilogy (The Chester the Chesapeake Series)


  5. Louise, I cut and pasted after multitasking and my little note didn't appear with the books I posted. Just wanted to say thanks for what you're doing and what a fun site!

  6. Ha! I think I need to go back to bed! So Operation Neurosurgeon is Romantic Suspense and The Chester the Chesapeake Trilogy is genre: Children's Books.

  7. lol @ Barbara. I've placed you books up. Please follow this blog, and share Book Junkies to your social media sites.

    Julie, I need to know the genre. And also, please follow the blog and share, don't dump and run.

  8. Could you add a couple of books of an author friend of mine? They are indies on Kindle:


    Mystery (though it also has urban fantasy elements)




    I've followed your blog here and I'll share it on Facebook and Jim's forum. Thanks for giving indie authors another place to publicize their books. I've put Jim's books up on Pinterest, but I haven't really figured out the site yet.

  9. Thanks Donna. Both titles have been entered.

  10. Hi Louise! This is a great idea! I was hoping you could include my novel, Loser's Memorial, on your Pinterest Board.

    Here's the link to purchase- http://tinyurl.com/losersmemorial

    Genre is: General/Literary fiction

    I've also followed your blog on Networked Blogs. Keep up the great work and thank you! Your marketing ideas are clever - an inspiration to a marketing dolt like me!

    Larry Nocella
    author, Loser's Memorial

  11. All done Larry, please follow this blog in return. :)

  12. I would love for you to include my romantic suspense DEADLY OFFERINGS in your Pininterest Library. Here's the link:


    Thanks so much.

    Alexa Grace

  13. Hey :)

    Would appreciate a link on your pinterest board, I have three books -

    A Spiritual fiction novella called Heaven Dot Com -

    A Spiritual Fiction Novel called The Earth Angel Training Academy -

    and another Spiritual Fiction Novel called The Doorway to PAM -