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This is a friendly blog for small-press and indie writers
Please read ALL before contacting me for requests.
Getting published is tough - very tough. Advertise your book on my sites and gain recognition for your book as I tweet the link to my followers. 

Traffic back to your blog/website guaranteed.

Be Interviewed - £15
An in-depth interview about you and your book is a one off payment and WWBB will use Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook as a base for shout-outs. Ask about a character interview or a derogatory interview (works brilliantly for comedy books!)

Contact me by using the contact button to the left of your screen, and we will talk through your requirements. If in agreement, I will ask you to pay by using PayPal (Europeans can use the PayPal button too. It will convert for you.)

Be Spotlighted - £5
A simple author spotlight consists of your book cover and blurb shown it all its glory, together with its purchase links.

Author spotlights and interviews include your blog being added to Book Junkies on Pinterest.

Book Review - not currently reviewing. 
See the above link for more details, but only buy a review if you accept a sample review. This means I may NOT review your entire book, but I WILL review your book title, cover, blurb and the sample downloaded to my Kindle. If I like your book, I'll buy it (tweet I've bought it) and review it on Amazon and Goodreads. 

If I reward your book a 4 or above star review, I'll showcase your book in a FREE author spotlight here. If it's a NFA (new favourite author I'll not only showcase the book, I'll recommend it in the Amazon forum on both US and UK sites.

All articles published on WWBB are automatically posted to Goodreads.

NOTE: I am very selective in my reading material, so if I don't take your book on it's not because it's rubbish, it's because I don't like that type of reading.

Tweet a book - £1
You supply the tweet, link and hashtags and WWBB will tweet/or you supply the link and WWBB will make a tweet up on your behalf with working hashtags. Book one or more tweets (each tweet is £1).

Guest Posts - FREE
WWBB is always after well written guest posts. Although we can't offer payment, you will get a by-line which includes your book cover, blurb, author bio and up to FIVE links. Your articles can be funny, serious, totally made up or true to life as long as they are NOT an extended version of your book/blurb. 

Suggested themes: 
Day in the life of an author.
Social media (the good and the bad).
How I became an author.
How to write sex scenes effectively (or any other scenes).
Ten steps to characterise (or other writing help tips).
Indie or traditional?
How to make your characters/scenes/plot believable.
What to look for in an agent/publisher/publicist.
Tips for becoming a better writer.
How I sold over XXX on Amazon.
Books I love and why they inspired me to become a writer/write XXX.
Reviews (good and bad).
Minimum word count is 250 words, the max is no longer than 900 words (don't pull your hair out over this. WWBB won't dismiss articles for being a few sentences over). 

WWBB reserves the right to edit all articles. Apply as with an author spotlight/interview (with "guest post" in the subject heading).

Guest posts are automatically posted to Goodreads.

Guest posts should be original and exclusive to WWBB. (Duplicate articles do not show up on Google.)

Pinterest - FREE

For a follow of this blog, I will pin your book on Book Junkies. Contact me with the purchase link to your book and its genre. I don't want anything else, no blurb, no reviews, no books to download. Everything I 'pin' is automatically tweeted to my followers.

And please SHARE the Book Junkies addy: http://pinterest.com/BookJunkies/ to help indie and small-press authors become noticed.

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