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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

đŸ’‹Erotic fiction - love it or hate it, it has a place in literature. Check out this naughty excerpt! Warning: over 18 only! #erotica #femdom #tpe #cbt #romance #femsub #naughty #excerpt

An extract from

Jelvia: Not Human book 1

Holding out for a Hero

He parted her ass cheeks and pressed his thumb against her small hole. A small pressure, and then he let her go to cup her pussy. She was dripping, and he dipped his fingers inside. Macy threw back her head and clutched the edge of the sink with tight fingers.
His hands moved away from her, and she realised he was undoing his trousers. Then he was back, and his hands slipped under her tee-shirt to feel her swinging breasts. His body covered the rear of hers as he leaned over her and nuzzled her neck.
 ‘I want to take you hard, and I want to make you mine. Now, tomorrow and every day after that,’ he said leaning around her and speaking against her throat. His fingers tweaked her nipples. ‘All mine.’
‘Yes,’ she breathed.
He had no inhibitions; nothing fazed or frightened him, yet Macy felt safe. She trusted him. If he hurt her it’d be a pleasurable hurt. She felt he was taking her slowly; easing her into his kinky lifestyle.

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