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Thursday, 16 August 2018

An erotic sci-fi romance novel. Meet the Jelvias, masters of corruption and killers of human beings. #newrelease #scifi #fiction #erotica #books

For those who enjoyed Eden and Hunted by L. Wise

Jelvia: Not Human #1
Holding Out for a Hero

A new species of human --the Jelvia-- is living on an alternate Earth.
No one knows where they came from. No one lives long enough to explore their timeline.

An erotic sci-fi romance novel.
Meet the Jelvias, masters of corruption and killers of human beings.
When journalist Macy stumbles onto a story of a lifetime—a Jelvia with humanity—she investigates and comes across a devilishly handsome Jelvia, called Narcifer. And when fate pushes them together, Macy seizes her chance to interview him.
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Her best friend, however, dismisses that it’s down to fate and warns Macy that Narcifer has been following her because the newspaper she works for is owned by an enemy of the Jelvian government.
But Macy, overpowered by her own emotions as Narcifer pushes her boundaries and unlocks all her inhibitions in a weekend of sex, spankings and more sex, wants nothing more than to forget her friend’s warnings and the newspaper she works for.
But then she overhears Narcifer: he’s going to kill her.
Narcifer isn’t all he claims to be, and Macy finds herself in a very dangerous situation.
Is Narcifer her lover or her destroyer?
Contains mature themes


She stared at the unmoving, crouching shadow on the roof, and felt it stare back at her. The moonlight caught its reflective eyes and the gaze pierced right through her. The Jelvia rose until he was standing. Wind tugged at his coat, making him appear even more outlandish.
He turned, superhuman fast, and jumped from the roof of the shop to land on the roof of the next building. He made no sound. And then he was gone from sight. Macy was freaked out. It was dark, her friend had been attacked, and someone had died. She scrambled inside her car. She closed the door and dug in her pocket for the keys, but her car shuddered, and Macy’s head snapped up in alarm. The Jelvia was standing in front of her car, hands on the bonnet as if to prevent it from moving. He leaned in to peer through the windscreen.
Macy began another frantic search of her pockets for the car keys as he took one hand off the bonnet and beckoned her out of her car.
Macy shook her head. 
The Jelvia cocked his head at her as if regarding her. The black eyes, already shadowed by the night, appeared to be empty black orbs in the Jelvia’s skull. 
He dangled her car keys in front of her. 
Macy stared into eyes that were nothing but complete darkness and felt a shiver trickle down her spine—she’d never been this close to a Jelvia before and could finally appreciate the words of those who encountered them: “It wasn’t only their eyes that were black, their whole being was as well.” 
As she looked into those eyes it really did feel as if his soul was enveloped in darkness. She waited for the feeling of intense terror, that people are said to feel, but none came. Logic told her his venom could pierce through the windscreen and kill her where she sat, and she should be scared, yet scared wasn’t an adjective she could use. 
She felt… electrified.
Maybe it was the fear playing with her senses.
The Jelvia was big and wore the typical Jelvian dress of a knee-length, bulletproof, black coat. His size didn’t look like he should be able to move as quickly as he had done on the shop roof. But she knew from her research of the Jelvian species that they were incredibly light on their feet, had amazingly sharp reflexes and coordination. They were superhuman. 
The keys continued to dangle from his fingers, and Macy opened the door and exited slowly. She stood before him with her hand outstretched to receive the car keys she must have dropped rushing after the man walking the dog.
‘Please, can I…?’ she asked.
The Jelvia stepped towards her, and as he moved, his face came out of the shadow, and she was able to see him clearly. She was transfixed not only by his beauty, but because she’d seen that face so many times in the newspaper recently, due to her own research of the Mardle and Becks’ murders, and she was certain that this was the Jelvia who had killed both men.
The police van behind her started up, and the Jelvia looked over her head towards the vehicle. Macy turned to watch as it moved off in the opposite direction. When she looked back, his eyes were on her, and his gaze was all-consuming, as if he were drinking her in.
Everything had happened simultaneously, and she still had her hand out for the keys. He placed them in her upturned hand gently and closed her fingers around them. His big hand lingered over hers.
The instant he touched her, her nerves became electrified, and the way he became still, told her he’d felt the sensation as well. 
Macy wanted nothing more than to step into those big arms. Her brain was yelling caution, but everything else was submitting to this man—this Jelvia.
She looked down at their hands. He had begun to draw an imaginary circle at the base of her wrist with his thumb, and the touch sent tingles through her body.
Then he leaned in until his breath stroked her face. Macy held her breath, certain he was about to kiss her. 
And certain she wanted him to.
A large hand cupped her cheek and she opened her eyes; embarrassed that she’d had them closed. She stared up at him, then his other hand raised until her face was held in his hands.
He frowned, and she could see in his expression that she’d surprised him. Most humans would have been terrified.
His eyes dropped to her mouth. His face was so close she could see the pupils in his all-black eyes. Then, he lowered further and touched his lips against hers—and all embarrassment vanished. The taste of his lips was more than she bargained for, and then, beyond her comprehension, her body melded to his with a sigh.
As if under a spell, Macy raised her hands to hold his in place around her face, and parted her lips. She could hear the sound of her own shallow breath; could hear his as he plundered her mouth.
His hands left her face, and one cupped the back of her head, while the other pulled her closer still. She felt his hard body against hers; felt his arousal and wanted to touch it. His hot mouth moved over hers; his tongue thrust inside her mouth and she knew, now she’d had a taste of him, that she’d never have enough.

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