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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Migrating to Wordpress...

about time, I hear you cry!

I know, but enough is enough, and Blogger has become such a pain to use. You can arrange a lovely article with images, quotes and pics, hit the publish button and then watch it all turn into a jumble of words and pictures in no particular order.

But bear with me... I'm a techy thickie and get frustrated easily.

I will post here as normal, but also on Wordpress which is here but as I say, I'm a techie thickie so the posts there at the moment (I imported from here to there) have a lot of code, which obviously means something to someone but to me it's WTF gobbledegook. And there it will stay as WTF gobbledegook because, frankly, I can't be arsed to learn what I did wrong.

The new blog, there,will be developed over time. It's a little bare of detail at the mo so while that's growing this blog will stay put, and will continue to stay put to grow old and dusty like it's owner. 

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