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Monday, 17 November 2014

A British read that sums up the entire chick lit genre: fun, relationships and 'finding yourself’.

Sssh, don't tell everyone, but it's half price for one week only

Sorry, folks, but it's back to normal price now.

A Proper Charlie

Charlie Wallis is ditzy but her heart is the right place, it’s just a shame her brain isn’t.

Without a family, she was brought up in a children’s home and subsequently craves to fall in love and be loved herself. She is heart-broken when her boyfriend dumps her, but then feels attracted to her boss, Ben. And it's mutual! Problem is he's wanted for murder.

Is her life destined to meet bad men? Or is Ben as innocent as he claims?

A true British book - A Proper Charlie will take you around the streets of London on Charlie's journey to contentment, and it's where she least expects to find it!

99c / 77p for one week only!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

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Short stories for fast entertainment on the run!

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Scruffy Trainers: how does middle-aged Emily spice up her flagging marriage now the children have flown the nest?

Piece of Cake: Once a down-trodden housewife, always a down-trodden housewife. Unless you're Belinda.

A-star Student: Becky isn't like 'those' teens - the hoodies and single mums. She's perfect. But she's bored and rebels with horrendous consequences.

Valerie Athrope's Confessional: a woman struggling coming to terms with her depression.