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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Marion L Tomas

Marian L. Thomas    
Best-Selling Author

The Author behind the Message

Many have heard Marian speak passionately about child abuse and the lasting effects it can have for generations to come. Her message is simple: prevention is possible but we must first understand the characteristics of child molesters in order to actively teach and protect our children. She hopes that her book although fiction, will motivate and inspire communities, individuals and parents to become engaged in the issues of child abuse rather than react its after affects.

Marian is a supporter of victims of child abuse and has worked with the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy contributing 15% of the proceeds from her book to help children of abuse become survivors.

Color Me Jazzmyne is both contemporary fiction and literary entertainment that focusing on character and plot development. Poetic and filled with melodious tones, it derives its inspiration from the real life experiences that many woman and children of abuse face. It is emotional, captivating and sparked with the elements of reality to make a true reader connection.Author Website: http://www.marianlthomas.com/

Originally from Chicago, but currently resides in Atlanta with her biggest supporter-her husband and their spoiled but playful dog-Winston. Marian received her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Business Communication, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Marian began her journey to publication over twenty-years ago with a Atlanta College paper. Her debut title Color Me Jazzmyne recently landed a #1 position on Amazon's bestseller list. It was released six months ago as an audio book on Audible.com.

Color Me Jazzmyne is available at:
Barnes & Noble.com: http://tinyurl.com/2b2tgee
Use Sony, Nook, Kindle and other eReaders Platforms?
Color Me Jazzmyne can be read on most eReader platforms.

Color Me Jazzmyne
How do you tell your son that your father is his? That is the question that Naya Moná must answer as she confronts a son she hasn't seen since birth. Filled with a jazz singers heart, a flair for Rhythm and a ear for Blues, the drama in her life unveils as she is forced to go back into her past. Back to the time when her father's touch is no longer innocent, her friends aren't whom they appear to me and the love of her life is nothing more than a perfectly polished pair black leather shoes.
A true must read!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Lillian Brummet talks Trash!

An article by Lillian Brummet, host of two online radio show, manager of two blogs, a bi-weekly newsletter, and co-writer of three books - including a book marketing plan development guide for writers. Find today's guest at: www.brummet.ca
Putting words on paper can be one of the greatest gifts we leave behind, so write - no matter what. Where-ever you are you know you have those characters, those scenes, those memories and experiences… they are always in your mind and you are mulling it over during every quiet moment in your day. Get it out there. You never know what kind of influence you can have out there on this planet, the difference you could make in someone’s life.
One of the most common ways that a person often talks himself or herself out of writing is that “their work will never be published”. So what? The words you write today in your memoir, for instance, could have a profound impact on the family, especially after you have passed on. The project you are working on today might just evolve over the years into something worthy of publishing, too – so don’t give up on a piece. It is important to keep your writings, you never know when you might need that special something for your next novel or character you are trying to develop – and that something just might be in your previous writings.

I know from personal experience that reading has taught me about the culture surrounding older generations, cultures that I could never fully understand without feeling it through reading. It has enabled me to build things and grow greenery and improve my career. It helped me overcome the neglect and abuse I experienced as a child, and develop strong relationships with others. Reading opens up a world of understanding for ourselves, our place in this world, the society we live in.

Writing provides a way for the average individual to make a lasting, positive difference with the time we are given. So when you are writing, just write for writing’s sake. Sometimes we have to set aside the editor in us and just write – get it out – you can always come back and fine-tune the piece. This way the emotions and words can flow without destructive inner criticism. Each person has their own experiences, their own skills and knowledge that can easily benefit another and if it isn’t written down it can be lost forever.
Lillian Brummet lives in with husband Dave in South-Central BC, Canada.  Her first book (co-written with Dave) is called Trash Talk, which discusses the 4-R’s of waste management and the proper order for them. This being Refuse, Reduce, Reuse Then Recycle. It will empower readers and help them feel more positive in life and leave a lasting legacy.
Trash Talk is printed on 50% recycled content, acid-free paper harvested from SFC certified harvesing companies. As much as 30% of the royalties from the Brummet books go to charity (SPCA, SoDC & CWF). Trash Talk - Its Easy Being Green e-book series. Details at: www.brummet.ca/trashtalk.html

Towards Understanding is a collection of 125 non-fiction poems written in chronological order that share the true story of a young pre-teen female growing up on her own, struggling to survive, breaking the chains of childhood abuse and finally growing towards understanding of her value and purpose in life – but not quite reaching it. Details at: www.brummet.ca/towards.html

And the most recent release, which already been released in a new edition (2009), Purple Snowflake Marketing - How To Make Your Book Stand Out In A Crowd, is a reference guide for self-marketing authors who want to be noticed in a snowstorm of writers. With 19 chapters and 25 appendices, this book is a means for authors to design an effective marketing plan and utilize frugal promotional tools with the click of their mouse. Details at: www.brummet.ca/purple.html

Watch for announcements: http://consciousdiscussions.blogspot.com/ – or sign up for a newsletter.
Hosts of:
Conscious Discussions talk radio show:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/consciousdiscussions
Authors Read radio program: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/authorsread

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Check Mates

By Vrinda Pendred
Editor and Founder of Conditional Publications

Writers with nervous disorders find their voice at Conditional Publications

When I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at age 7, the doctor failed to notice I also had Autism, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD and OCD…despite the OCD symptoms being a huge part of why my parents brought me to the doctor in the first place. Then, even when I was finally diagnosed with OCD at almost 14, I had no comprehension of how complex and wide-ranging the disorder was, even in myself. Only as an adult did I start to understand just how deeply OCD affected me.

I know my story is not at all unique. In fact, if anything is rare about it, it’s that I was diagnosed as young as I was. I have since met so many people who only received a diagnosis mid-life. And I can’t help but think that all the suffering they’ve gone through, struggling through school, dealing with teachers and parents at a loss as to how to manage the unusual behaviour and destructive anxieties – or the frustration and heartache it’s caused those teachers and parents, because the children are too young to express just what is going on inside their heads – could be avoided, and even treated, if there were more education about the many facets that make up these neurological conditions.

Conditional Publications aims to help push forward this education.

Conditional Publications is the first and only publishing house dedicated to writers with neurological conditions, such as Tourette Syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Autism, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, and so many more.

Usually when you read books on these conditions, they will be medical non-fiction or a parents’ guide to raising their afflicted child. Too rarely are the true experts – the sufferers themselves – given a chance to tell us what it’s really like to live with such disorders.

Conditional Publications is going to change all this. This brand new, much-needed niche company is run entirely by people with nervous disorders, so we understand the subjects and the frustrations experienced by so many sufferers on a daily basis.
Our company’s exciting entrance onto the publishing scene is marked with its first major release, ‘Check Mates: A Collection of Fiction, Poetry and Artwork about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, by People with OCD’, available for purchase on Amazon worldwide. Astoundingly, this is the first ever book of its kind…but it’s definitely not the last.

Divided between ‘Realism’ and the ‘Beyond’, this book drives the absurdity and horror of OCD straight home. It has been put together by writers and artists from around the world, and showcases a wide range of emotions, from love to hate, joy to rage, fear and sorrow to hope and optimism. There’s even a little bit of humour! We believe everyone will find something to relate to.

What it doesn’t do is shy away from the truth. Every angle is covered, no matter how painful, which makes for a startling and moving read.

Readers with OCD will find themselves in this book and realise they’re definitely not alone. Those who don’t have OCD…well, they’ll probably going to find a little of themselves anyway, because that’s what this book does: it forces us to look at our own neuroses. Hopefully it will help crack wide open a few stereotypes that have been flying around for far too long.

And as if that’s not enough, part of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to OCD charities.

On its release date, the book soared to No. 3 in Amazon.com’s ‘short story anthologies’ best-sellers list, No. 2 in Amazon.co.uk’s ‘compulsive behaviours’ best-sellers and No. 3 in Amazon.ca’s ‘anxiety disorders’ best-sellers. The book has been backed by OCD Tribe (where the writers and artists met), actress Nia Peeples, and Jeff Bell, author of 'Rewind, Replay, Repeat: A Memoir of OCD'.

Three days after the book’s release, the National Tourette’s Syndrome Association got in touch requesting a review copy to promote in their members’ magazine with a readership of 25,000. We hope other organisations, such as your own, will get involved and help us realise our dream of expanding global consciousness about neurological conditions.

Vrinda Pendred
Editor and Founder of Conditional Publications

You can read more information at www.conditionalpublications.com and view our social network at http://conditionalpublications.ning.com. We’re also on Twitter under NeuroBooks and have a Conditional Publications fan page on Facebook.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Shall Never See So Much by Gerald Gillis

U.S. Marine Lieutenant Tom Flanagan is serving as an infantry platoon leader in Vietnam during the 1968 Tet Offensive. On the other side of the world, his sister Kate works on the staff of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy as RFK begins his ill-fated quest for the presidency. The brother and sister are estranged and their reconciliation, along with Tom's own survival in combat, becomes uncertain. Shall Never See So Much is a story of heroism, triumph, and tragedy.
Shall Never See So Much is a story of heroism, triumph, and tragedy. Fiction, but set in the late 1960s where ripples of the Vietnam war was felt all through the world, Gillis presents an excellent account of this moment in history all told through the eyes of Tom and Kate Flanagan.

Tom Flanagan, a young U.S. Marine lieutenant and activist Kate Flanagan are brother and sister who had a close relationship until the war began. Tom’s own survival is threatened by the heavy fighting he experiences, especially during the Battle of Hue and Kate who holds anti-war beliefs joins the Robert Kennedy campaign.

Author Gerald Gillis served three years as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, and uses his experiences to a brilliant effect in Shall Never See So Much. A fast-paced historical novel that will have pacifists and non- pacifists holding onto the edge of their seats.

Gerald Gillis is available for speaking engagements, corporate or school visits, seminars, and book signings.
Image of Gerald Gillis

Shall Never See So Much was recently released (March 2010), and was published through Booklocker.com and is available worldwide including Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble.

After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, Gillis served in both domestic and overseas assignments in the field artillery as a battery commander, battery executive officer, and forward observer. After military service, Gerald spent the majority of his business career in the medical-devices industry. He held executive-level positions in distribution management, field-service management, and service-support operations. He traveled extensively as a partner and consultant to his company’s international operations, to include the U.K., Europe and Asia-Pacific. He also became an accomplished writer and speaker during this time.

His first novel, Bent, But Not Broken, was published in 1985.
Visit Gerald's Website for more details about the book.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Conrad Jones

In 1993 Conrad Jones was an assistant manager for MacDonalds' on a bustling Warrington street. It was a mild spring day and the streets were busy with shoppers, but Jonathan Ball, just three years old, and Tim Parry, 12, died. They were both caught in an IRA bomb which left 56 people injured.

Conrad Jones was an eyewitness to the atrocity; he tended to the injured offering first aid. It was the start to a long succession of bad luck which lasted several years.

Conrad Jones and his wife set off on an extended tour of US and found the post 9/11 paranoia utterly startling, something which Jones was able to identify with, but halfway through the trip he received a call telling him his home had been burgled. Everything was taken, even clothes and ornaments.

The summer of 2007 was when the UK was flooded, and insurers told the Jones' that it would be months before they could help. Conrad had started a small upholstery and carpet cleaning business but his vehicles and equipment were stolen and he was left unemployed. They were practically homeless as well as penniless.

But was he angry or dejected? Instead he poured his passion into his first book: Soft Target, and hasn’t stopped writing since.

To date he has written six thrillers, with the seventh due out later this year. All are about suicide bombers attacking major tourist attractions across the US.

Conrad Jones book signing SOFT TARGET
His titles include a trilogy (although they can be read as a stand-alone novel):

An avid reader but with no writing experience, his first three books were published by Authorhouse, and his experience with them taught him many lessons about the business and the sharks that circle it.

In 2009 he launched GerriCon Books Ltd, republished the trilogy and then his next titles. He supplies Amazon, Gardners and Bertrams, who in turn supply Waterstones and the libraries. The company hasn't published other authors as yet, but will extend their list in 2011.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Punctuation is crucial

An English professor wrote the words: 'A woman without her man is nothing' on the blackboard and asked his students to punctuate it correctly.

All of the males in the class wrote: 'A woman, without her man, is nothing.'

All the females in the class wrote: 'A woman: without her, man is nothing.'

If I Never by Gary William Murning.

If  I Never by Gary William Murning.

Gary is a novelist living in the northeast of England. His work, largely literary fiction, focuses on themes that touch us all — love, death, loss and aspiration — but always with an eye to finding an unusual angle or viewpoint. Quirky and highly readable, his writing aims to entertain first and foremost. His first novel, If I Never, is published by Legend Press and is now available from all major bookstores.
“Price is used to living within the shadow of threatening friend George – forever in the fear that not to follow his lead will end with a beating. However, new developments mean his life finally seems to be moving from the dormant and gaining some positive development. Before long, though, George is back and Price finds himself following his friend once more. But this time it is different – secrets are discovered, decisions are to be made and life and perspective will never be the same again. If I Never is a novel about asking questions but being unsure if you want to know the answers.”

Main Legend website
What would you say to your loved ones if you were only given a short time to live?

Having to leave family behind is a cruel fate, made worse when they are children. These are the touching words of a father to his daughter after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, knowing that she is too young to understand.
To Say Goodbye

Terry Lander, author and poet, set up Lyvit Publishing as a vehicle to sell his poetry in 2005. Since then he has taken on four other authors and published four of his own poetry books.

Why did you set up Lyvit Publishing?
I found self-publishing was too expensive when I first started writing, so I printed my work from my home PC and hand stitched the pages together, cutting the edges with a Stanley knife to get a vaguely saleable book. I managed to put together around five a night, selling them to friends and family and saving the money for my first professional print run, which took around two years.

Lyvit Publishing has grown since then, hasn’t it?
We now produce professional books that are recognised by Amazon, Waterstones and WHSmith. Our 12th publication is my debut novella, To Say Goodbye. We are an indie publisher and all of our authors are currently writing further books. I’m amazed at how quickly the website has expanded and how many authors I am now responsible for as they have all approached me under their own steam, bringing their own ideas and helping to build the brand in any way possible.

Is Lyvit a one man group?
The publishing side is, as I am responsible for taking on new authors and producing their books. However, I get a lot of help from my authors with regards to advertising and promotion. I met David Coad, sometime in 2005. He had written over 1,500 poems and I agreed to publish his first collection in 2007, increasing our author base and catalogue at the same time. This gave me some experience with typesetting and proofreading, both of which I assist authors with during the production of their books.

When did you publish your first novel?
In 2008 I published Alya Bessex’ first book, The Unaired Views Of A Twenty Four Year Old Nobody, which is a mix of autobiography and opinion to great effect. He approached me after finding Lyvit on a social networking site. 2009 was by far our biggest year, with Kerry Vincent’s debut poetry collection, Mark Hendy’s celebrated debut novel and an interesting idea from Mark called MI77OR IM46ES. This simple initiative involves taking your photo in the mirror and has seen submissions from Chris Barrie, Isy Suttie, Rufus Hound, Robin Ince and many others. We sell most of our books from the online shop on our website at www.lyvit.com or via email at trjl@hotmail.com.

Tell me about your own book, To Say Goodbye
I was inspired to write the story to raise awareness of an illness that does not discriminate - Steven Winwood and Lindsay Ashmore were in their twenties when they died. I spent a lot of time with them during the end of their lives. I wanted to give people an idea of what it is like to be given an end date to your life as I saw so much emotion and determination during this time. Neither of my friends was willing to give in, doing anything possible to fight their illness and also spending time raising awareness. I didn’t want their information to be a reminiscing story I told when I was older; I felt I should use it to help others.

Is it an autobiography?
No, the book is a fictional diary written by a father who is diagnosed with the illness. Knowing he may not see his daughter grow up he writes down the events of the day, many of which are humorous incidents born from her naivety as she is too young to really understand what is happening to her father.

Was is hard to break away from poetry?
When I started writing “To Say Goodbye” I had been writing poetry for four years, so it was hard to break the mentality of writing short pieces. I had to commit more of my time to writing and made the most of opportunities where I wouldn’t be disturbed to enable me to build the story effectively. I find it very hard to write when there are distractions, although I find listening to music without lyrics helps me to focus.

Tell us a little about the man behind To Say Goodbye
I was born in Cornwall and have lived in Helston all of my life. I took part in the Flora Dance during my school life, returning to watch in subsequent years. Most recently I have danced the midday dance, a real honour in a town of such tradition. I started writing poetry in 2005, and have been published in a small number of anthologies (including '101 Poets For A Cornish Assembly'), 'Metverse Muse' in India and 'Poetry Cornwall', a subscribers magazine edited by Les Merton.

What do you do now?
I pose as a trainee electrician, one of many 'careers' that I have embarked on since leaving college. Before my present position, I have been a retail assistant, a trainee loan account manager, a bank cashier, a payroll clerical assistant, a trainee pharmaceutical assistant, a payroll clerical assistant (again), a clerical assistant in a different department and a mobile inventory control assistant. I hope to complete the training in my current employment so that I will no longer be referred to as a 'trainee' or 'assistant'.

Any hobbies?
My hobbies include running a part-time disco and taking part in the annual Gweek Pantaloons pantomime production. I am happily married and live with my wife and three children in Helston.

Connect on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace
Buy To Say Goodlbye from Amazon.co.uk

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Helen Montgomery shares helpful tips on self-publishing

Self-Publishing: Riding With a New Breed of Writer

The stigma of self-publishing is fading fast in the red dust of a savvy new breed of writer.

Bob Sanders, VP and Marketing Director of Mundania Press, once told me that people don’t buy books because of who the publisher is. They buy books because of the author…and because of the story within the pages that grabs their interest.

It’s no secret that the digital age is bringing about a revolution in the publishing industry. Able to choose from a range of traditional, self-publishing and e-publishing opportunities, many authors are finding a wealth of choices at their fingertips.

If you’re considering a self-publishing or e-publishing model for your novel, here’s some food for thought to nourish you along the way.

1) Examine your reasons. Self-publishing often provides excellent opportunities for work that falls short of the needs of traditional publishing models. This includes genre fiction shorter than 60,000 words, stories above 8,000 (too long for most magazine markets), and short story collections and private anthologies, to name a few. Never self-publish because your work isn’t “good enough” for traditional publishing. Make it good enough, then self-publish because it’s the best choice for the manuscript.

2) Do your homework. There are hundreds of self-publishing companies, from print publishers who bind and print the book you design to self-publishers who handle every aspect of the job up to and including marketing. Make a list of the priorities you need for your book and comparison-shop in order to locate the biggest bang for your buck. Yes, Virginia, sometimes a cliché says it best. Not always, but sometimes.

3) Don’t skimp on the cover! Your book cover is your first opportunity to win a reader. Most self-publishing companies will design a cover for you. But look carefully at what they offer. Typically, the priciest model will provide you with three cover options to choose from. Sometimes, that means one cover image in three different shades. Be aware what you’re buying. Alternatively, provide your own well-done cover art.

4) Edit, edit, edit. The single biggest problem with self-published titles lies within the writing itself. The most intriguing plot in the world won’t survive missing, misspelled, or misused words, weak verbs, awkward or repetitive sentence structure, and so on. Self-publishing companies often employ editors who can make your work shine. Take full advantage of them--or hire an editor of your own. Rest assured it won’t be money wasted. You’ll gain in the long run--with satisfied readers.

5) Finally, remember this: These people aren’t doing you a “favor” by publishing your novel. They’re selling you a product. Make sure you get the product you want. If they can’t provide it, and do so in a prompt, friendly, and supportive manner, then take your business elsewhere. Hi-ho, Silver! Away!

Note from the author: I self-published my novel Skinwalker Moon because of the feedback I was receiving that at 53,000 words, it fell a bit short for the commercial fiction market. Rather than pad it with extra words, I chose self-publication with Outskirts Press. Ultimately I was thrilled, both with the work done by Outskirts and the total control I held over the end product--not to mention the retention of all rights. Sadly, a friend did not fare as well with a self-publisher--prompting me to add the final, cautionary tip to the wise. A tip which is, in my opinion, one of the best reasons of all for selecting self-publishing.

...Incidentally, my friend’s second attempt with a self-publisher netted fabulous results…and a sweet book which is netting big sales.

Skinwalker Moon: the story of broken love, desperate reunion, and one man’s terrible retribution. Available in paperback through Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble and in eBook format through Smashwords.com. The author can be contacted by emailing helen@skinwalkermoon.com She invites you to visit her websites at www.skinwalkermoon.com and www.hlmontgomery.com

Swimming with Wings.

What do a 20th century light healer who can raise the dead, an eccentric, would-be dubutant teen and a wandering gypsy have in common? A story of human brotherhood released only through the colliding dogmas surrounding their shared tragedy from long ago.
Lark Jennison is a free thinker and imagines she has wings! Set in the 1970's in a small southern town laced with folk mysticism, faith healings and the evangelistic zeal of the era, Swimming with Wings is a coming of age story. Orphaned, seventeen-year-old Lark and her brother are the last generation of the illustrious Jennison lumber family, and her uncanny ability to read a person, along with her eccentric ways as a budding artist, shine a spotlight of scrutiny upon her. When she falls for Peter Roma, a river gypsy from Summerville, she finds in him an equal, but is soon disturbingly set on a collision course with his fanaticism.

The drowning accident that had killed their fathers remains a mystery, a harbinger of ill feelings between the Romas and the Jennisons. Is Peter Roma, a scammer, a real gypsy or Lark's personal savior? To protect her, Lark's older brother sends her to art school in Maine, the home state of their mother's family. Uninvited, Peter follows but eventually considers their relationship a danger to their souls. His grandfather had been a mystical light healer and heralded the rising tide of a new age; however, Peter's "being saved" interpretation of this leads him into a cult and a world of corruption. Through it all, Lark and Peter remain in love, but in the end who will save who?

An arresting blend of literary fiction, mystery and romance, this is a story about searching for direction, the hidden influences of ancestral roots and the forces that shape belief.

About Swimming With Wings: Written by Lee Libro (picture below), the plot is focused around Lark Jennison’s coming of age love story, with the second and third characters acting as foils to reflect her growth. All three characters are connected through a shared tragedy from the past, but the true connections unfold through the underlying, psychological and belief systems illuminated in these characters. Overall the story plays out the themes of tolerance amidst the religious diversity of our modern world. Originally a short story, Swimming With Wings has now been adapted into a novel

Contacts: Website Reviews Twitter At Powell’s Books
Inside Swimming with Wings is a Book Club Guide with Topics and Questions for Discussion

Lee Libro is a visual artist. Elements of fantasy, myth and Jungian symbols are often found in her art and fiction. Her influences include Alice Hoffman, Flannery O’Connor, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Anne Tyler, Eudora Welty, Salvador Dali, Alex Grey, religious studies and new age principles, all media relating to the paranormal.

She is currently working on two additional novels. One is based on the life story of her own ancestor, Dr Alice Lindsay Wynkoop, who was convicted of murdering her daughter-in-law on the surgery table during a suspected abortion attempt. The case was covered by national media in the 1930s. The other is a modern adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, “Rappaccini’s Daughter”, involving a modern day neurobiologist who tampers too far with the chemistry of the mind, and discovers the threshold of the soul.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Jane Davis - winner of the Daily Mail First Novel award

Jane Davis entered the Daily Mail First Novel award competition after hearing about it at the Winchester Writers’ Conference in June. The closing date for entries was two days later, but luckily she had a manuscript fully prepared. That manuscript was Half-truths and White Lies.

Davis got "the" call  from Transworld  two days before her 41st birthday. That must have been some birthday celebration!

Jane Davis doesn't claim to have a degree and has never attended a creative writing class. She admits to having "just had a bit of spare time on her hands, a laptop, and enough will power to stick at it."

Half-Truths and White Lies is a beautifully crafted, thought-provoking novel that questions the influence of the people who are missing from our lives. It examines the thin line between love and friendship, looking at our complex emotional needs. It also explores how one woman’s life is dictated by her desire for children, whilst another’s is shaped by her decision not to have them.

Visit Jane Davis' Website and be sure to take a look at Half-truths and White Lies.

The book has been described by Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat, as 'a beautifully written story of secrets, lies, grief and, ultimately, redemption, charmingly handled by this very promising new writer.'
Read more

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Paper Wings by Linda Sargent

A Kentish woodland; hot, endless days of summer; a strange and touching friendship... Ruby and Peter think of the woods as their own: a place for adventure, for plans and projects, for secrets. But when Ruby is hurt in an accident, they find that a stranger is hiding there: Gabriel, a man haunted by wartime guilt and by the loss of ideals. Soon an alliance is formed - but others are watching, and the children unwittingly provoke long-held resentments, bringing themselves and Gabriel into danger.
Atmospheric and beautifully-realised, Paper Wings is a grown-up story about childhood, bringing innocence and experience into dramatic conflict.

Linda Sargent's Website
Reviews for Paper Wings

Also the author of Outreach and Partnerships one of the guides in RESOURCE'S Disability Portfolio (The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries), and which can be down-loaded free. Another link will take you to The Disability Portfolio (a collection of twelve guides on how best to meet the needs of the disabled). 

Linda Sargent also contributed a chapter to The Handbook of Creative Writing edited by Steve Earnshaw, which has the "look inside" element at Amazon. In the past eight years Linda works for a publisher in Oxford.

Linda currently has short stories in three collections: What’s Cool About School and Give Me Some Space are collections of stories for children edited by Kate Agnew

Lines in the Sand is a collection of stories on the theme of war by a wide range of contributors including both well-known authors and school children. All proceeds from sales go to UNICEF.

 Linda aims to enhance people’s quality of life by means of education and to train others to do so, so it may be worth paying a visit to Linda's website.

Friday, 14 May 2010

James Barrington, James Becker, Max Adams BOOKS

James Barrington writes under so many names he could be mistaken for having a  multiple personality disorder! He has primarily a technical and military background, having spent over twenty years in the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm, including active service in the Falklands War on board the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious.

 Under the name James Barrington he has a total of four  books: Overkill, Timebomb, Foxbat, Pandemic and Payback (to be published in June).

All books are by  Macmillan. He also ghost-wrote the non-fiction book Joint Force Harrier (Penguin) with Commander Ade Orchard, Royal Navy.

Barrington served at Headquarters Military Air Traffic Operations in London which required continual access to, and work on, a variety of projects classified above ‘Secret’, including United Kingdom preparations for war and transition to war (the ‘War Book’), and he became very familiar with techniques for intelligence gathering, dissemination and related subjects.

His worked at HQ MATO also included whole-country military exercise planning, execution and supervision, as well as involvement in international exercises as both participant and planner, and he regularly attended NATO and other international meetings and briefings as a United Kingdom representative.

During his career he was involved in numerous covert operations, the details of many of which are still classified. These included RAF Nimrod (anti-submarine warfare) operations; intelligence-gathering and insertion of personnel in the Yemen; an operation in the Eire/Northern Ireland border area; testing of specialised and classified equipment at sea; Russian aircraft intercept operations at front-line radar units; IED (Improvised Explosive Device) investigation, aircraft accident and incident investigation, and whole-country and local contingency planning in the event of major terrorist attacks. It will be appreciated that no further details of any of the above can be supplied, as he is still bound by the Official Secrets Act.

He has a prodigious knowledge of maritime operations, aviation and aerial combat, military tactics and procedures, and modern weaponry, and is well-versed in a wide variety of other related subjects. He is an accomplished combat pistol shot, taking part in regular ‘hostage rescue’ competitions using Browning, Glock, Smith & Wesson and Colt full-bore (9mm and larger calibre) weapons.

  James Becker writes for Transworld: The First Apostle and The Moses Stone, with The Messiah Secret to be published in July this year.

Max Adams also writes for Macmillan with the book: To do or die. This is the first in this series.

James Barrington aka James Becker aka Max Adams have all one thing in common (apart from the obvious) he writes excellent books!

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