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Sunday, 24 January 2010

What have you done in the name of research?

Normally I browse the Internet and libraries, or pick people's brains. But what if those brains are seemingly out of reach? Or you just don't know anyone with that knowledge? Usually people (strangers) are all too willing to give up their time to talk about themselves and their jobs if you explain what you are doing. They'd be flattered in fact, trust me on that score.

You've no need to go to my extraordinary lengths!

I've been a patient suffering from depression (wanted to find out how easy it was to get drugs). The trouble is now it's on my medical records that I once took Prozac!
I've applied for executive positions in IT, Health, Manager Consultancy just so I could find out a little about the job. In one interview I was asked by a sour-faced woman why I'd obviously lied about my qualifications. Cheek!

That was the hard way to get information, and I don't do it anymore.

Being honest with people is so much simpler. And there are so many books out there to be read. For instance if you want to research police procedure I recommend The Crime Writer's Guide to Police Practice and Procedure  by Michael O'Byrne.

I bet if you search there's a book for everything. There is also an excellent website for finding out almost everything about anything, which I recommend:  http://www.howstuffworks.com/  

Come on, don't be shy, what mad things have you done in the name of research?

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Louise Wise (wisebird2009 on Twitter) was nominated for a Shorty Award

Louise Wise (wisebird2009 on Twitter) was nominated for a Shorty Award
I have three votes now. Sssh, one (or two) of them is me.
Vote for me because I was always the last one picked for the hockey team at school, and it's had a lasting impression on me. The Shorty Award may just get me back on balance.
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